Easy Street Vacation Rentals

Organized October 2003

Rick and Debbie


Thank you for visiting Easy Street Vacation Rentals. My wife Debbie and I started this business in 2003 because of the frustration we felt trying to find Pet Friendly vacation accommodations. We have traveled with our pets for years. Some of the places we stayed were less than clean, and it was obvious by the smell that the accommodations allowed pets. We vowed when we started our vacation rental business all of our homes would be pet friendly - and all squeaky clean.

Other pet peeves (excuse the pun) is that many of the rental houses we stayed in did not have matching dishes or silverware or glasses and; the pots and pans were either dented, burned or missing. So we also vowed to include everything we could think of to furnish our kitchens including matching dishes, silverware, glasses, a full set of pots and pans, coffee maker, blender, and crock-pot. It now tickles us when we hear guests say they couldn't find anything we did not have.

We think you will find our prices very competitive to other rental homes, and we believe our quality and attention to detail exceeds our competition. I'm not referring necessarily to expensive furniture or furnishings, but rather to cleanliness, comfort and tasteful decorations; and not to mention our kitchens being fully equipped. The most common comment we receive from our guests is that our homes are much nicer than the pictures portray. The greatest compliment to our effort is the increasing number of repeat guests that have turned into great friends.

Where in the world is Destin?

Debbie and I migrated to the East Coast (Atlanta) from California (San Francisco) because of my job change. We had rental property in California but felt a 3,000 mile distance was a bit far to manage rentals, so we sold our California homes through a 1030 Exchange. That was the easy part; the hard part was finding replacement property. We both decided we wanted a place we would enjoy visiting and knew it had to be somewhere along the coast. We scoured the coast of Georgia and worked our way down the Florida coast. We probably drove 3,000 miles up and down the East Coast of Florida and then the West Coast searching for just the right place. Then, a friend suggested Destin, Fla. We said, "Great, but where in the world is Destin?" It seemed everyone in Atlanta knew where Destin was except us, so we decided to take a trip.

We love Easy Street and we think you will too!

The moment we crossed the Mid-Bay Bridge and entered Destin we knew this was it. Going to school in Southern California (Cal State Fullerton), I am somewhat spoiled with beautiful beaches. I can honestly say I would compare the Destin beaches on the Emerald Coast with any beach in the world-clear, blue-green emerald colored waters, and the most pristine sugar white sand you can imagine. We knew immediately this was the place, and we've never looked back.

Debbie and I were both executives, I'm a former Credit Union CEO of 20 plus years and Debbie was an Executive Assistant for American Express Financial Advisers (now Ameriprise), and now we work together in the vacation rental business. Our son Todd joined us recently and he is a former branch manager for the Bank of America. We believe his customer service skills are exceptional and has been a welcome addition to our team.

In February of 2006, Debbie and I officially moved to Florida from Georgia to be closer to our rental properties. Our rental houses are actually our retirement. We both decided we didn't want to just vegetate when we retired. We love people, pets, and staying busy, so the pet friendly vacation rental business was ideal.  We really enjoy what we do and thoroughly enjoy meeting new people every week.

Our homes are pet friendly because we love pets, too!

The majority of our homes at Easy Street are pet friendly, mainly because Debbie and I have two adorable dogs - Baxter & Lacy, both Miniature Schnauzers - and we wouldn't think of going on vacation without them. It has also been our experience that pet owners make great renters, are normally well educated, clean, and view their pets as their children much as Debbie and I do. We felt if we had strict guidelines and pet owner/renters knew the rules the property wouldn't suffer. It also helps to have great housekeeping personnel that do a thorough cleaning after each visitor. We pay a little more for their services, but it has all been worth it. In the ten plus years we have been managing our pet friendly accommodations we can count the number of pet "issues" we have had on one hand. But the most important issue is that our non-pet owner guests cannot tell we're pet friendly by the look, by the smell and the condition of our homes.

We love Easy Street and think you and your family, including your four legged members, will too.

Destin Florida Property Managers

Rick and Debbie Scali (Baxter and Lacy)